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Our Story

Latin Mealtime. 

It’s not only about the food.

It is about gathering friends and family.

It’s waking up at dawn to start preparing a meal that won’t be served until evening.

It’s hand-rolled tortillas done just in time for dinner.

It’s about coming together, rising up, and pushing forward through whatever comes at you.

It’s about community.

It’s about togetherness.

It’s about love.


Pa Mas Taqueria and Grill takes street tacos to a whole new level! From fire-grilled skirt steak to our marinaded mojo pork, you will experience the hidden treasure Latin American street food has to offer. Pro tip: Don't miss our Mango Ceviche! We feature hand-crafted cocktails, ice-cold cervezas (beer), and fresh-squeezed lemon-lime margaritas on tap. Inspired by the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of places like Cozumel and Belize, you will find yourself transported to a laid-back family-friendly environment perfect for your daily getaway.

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